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Welcome to We always view your (customer) security as principal necessity, here we provide an outline of our privacy and security policy.Any personal detail you give to us and from which you can be found is stored securely and very confidentially.At the same time, we will processing the information very fairly and legally in agreement with this privacy policy. These policies are not a constant one and we may make changes or updates sometime,if necessary.

While you visit our website, we may get certain personal details which are necessary to set up your online account, for the purposes of asking queries, delivery of your necessary news information, and also updating. We only maintain your private information for as long as it is essential to process your requests online, respond to any feedback or complaints, process any applicable accesses you have subscribed to.Our website the weekly time can be able to recognize past users by using available cookies. These cookies can personalize your online visits to our online platform to meet your individual latest news preferences. You have a option to disable such cookies by altering your internet settings.

Information collected by The Weekly Time:

We have many more areas(sources) where people can provide more information to us, we also have many features, which automatically collects some of the details about our members and users area.

Use of Cookies:

We make the uses of software technologies like “cookies” for various purposes that may depend upon the kind of software installed. Within “”, we use more features for our website that are called as “session cookies” that stays live only until you will be online.

If you have any queries about our privacy policy, contact our data protection compliance officer through email.Users may avoid the use of DART cookies by visit Google ad and content network privacy policies.

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